All about Woodside Morris
Woodside's Officers
2006 Kent and Sussex Weekend Away, Bodiam Castle, Bodiam
copyright 2006 Woodside Morris Men
Squire: Dave Lang
Dave has spent more than a quater of a century among the ranks of Woodside Morris Men. It is easy to tell where Dave's passions lie; he doesn't hark on about the finer attributes of the Bampton dances, but whenever he discusses their performance with you, the fire in his eye burns brightly. Dave has only danced with Woodside as a team, but learned his first Morris dance at Folk Camp to the tune of Portsmouth, which was the only tune the musician could play that fitted!!. Wife Ann sings with the Berkhamsted Choral Society and can often be heard adding a little depth, nay class, to the Woodside chorus.
2004 Wintzer Fest, on the streets, Bensheim
copyright 2004 Woodside Morris Men
Foreman: Dave Pearse
Dave has danced with Woodside across five decades, being visible in a number of pictures in the side's 1970s scrap-book; strangely though, he looks older then than he does now. A 'loverly little dancer', as an anonymous former member often describes him, Dave has been Foreman for longer than most can remember, taking up the role sometime in the 1980s. His superbly weighted 'Hmms' on practice night strike fear into the heart of all Woodside Men, and a comment of 'not bad' is seen as his highest mark of praise. Dave's wife Sue dances with the Harrow based women's Northwest Clog side Whitethorn.
2011 Sheringham Potties Weekend Away, The Village Inn, West Runton
copyright 2011 Woodside Morris Men
Bagman: Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson; Tall, dark, handsome, three words never used to describe Nick previously, but after volunteering to take on the role of Bagman, he's whatever he wants us to call him! Previously described as annoying, short, tenacious and intoxicated, he is the same age as Woodside, and seems feted to become a member, harbouring secret Morris yearnings only matched by his courage in mid-life. Nick runs his own event management and travel company, having learned the arts of hospitality and eventing at various beverage based businesses, which contributed to Nick's sylph like form. Nick has been with his partner Lynda for many moons, and they have two children, Eleanor and William. Nick is now delighted to devote his spare time to the most ancient of English Martial Arts.
2006 Kent and Sussex Weekend Away, Bodiam Castle, Bodiam
copyright 2006 Woodside Morris Men
Treasurer and Lead Musician: Pete Flanagan
Pete Flanagan has not only the awesome task of taking over the music from Woodside's legendary musical maestro, Lank Broughton, but he's now also taken on the role of Treasurer. Pete has been playing for over twenty years and has experience with another, now defunct, Watford area team, Old Bull. Pete is married to Julie, and harbours an ambition to one day open a music shop in the Watford area, catering for all folk music needs. Pete is another member with Welsh roots; in fact, as far as Woodside are concerned, there is quite a Welsh tradition developing among Morris Dancers - and Musicians.